Wings of Dixie I July 18-22th

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On July 18-22, 2018, at the invitation of the United States Embassy in Lithuania, the famous Wings of Dixie Ensemble of the US Air Force in Europe will visit our country. This project is part of the program organized by the American Embassy for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania and provides an excellent opportunity for the Lithuanian public to get to know the best cultural traditions of the United States of America. The group’s concert tour in Lithuania is organized by Arts Libera International.
“Wings of Dixie” is a colorful and expressive ensemble that describes each performance in one word “Americana”. Their concert program includes a wide range of American music, from the old traditional jazz and blues to classical pop / rock hits. The musicians perform very entertaining performances of hot jazz and cool blues, from which it is easy to recognize the energy of American music.
“Wings of Dixie” is the only ensemble of this kind representing the United States Air Force in Europe, and has been enjoying its fans for over a decade with great music. The group’s appearances are always fun and positive, and undoubtedly a part of the American spirit and heat are in the hearts of the audience.
Playing in the group – the director of the vr. Tim Stombaugh (percussion), vr. Rebecca Collins (clarinet, saxophone, vocals), male sz Alex Nikiforoff (guitar), male sz Adam Porter (boss), št. Sr. Ben Huseby (trombone, guitar, vocals), št. Sr. Will McCrary (trumpet, accordion, vocal), boat. Linda Casul (vocals).
Charismatic and professional musicians will spread their magical energy in even four cities of Lithuania and would like to mention that all concerts will be free.

Concerts will take place:
July 18th Vilnius City spaces
July 19th 4 pm Celebration of Summer Welles Declaration in Vilnius Washington Square
July 20th 7 pm Lazdijai, the courtyard of the cultural center
July 21th 7 pm Vilkaviškis, in the courtyard of the cultural center
July 22th 6 pm, at Sirvintos, in the courtyard of the cultural center