Transcendental Spirit – art synthesis I March 9th Vilnius

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Become a part of the Fusion of Fine Arts! In one grand show already on March 9 at the club “Legendos” will combine music, art, movement, lights and body art.

Powerful sound systems, lasers and light effects, massive fluorescence decorations will fill up and decorate the vast space of the event. Visitors will surely not be bored because of dazzling performances, dancers, jugglers, aerial acrobats and circus sommers. Painters and alternative art exhibitions will be held.

Extremely high quality music is waiting for participants of the event! Honored foreign guests and Lithuanian scene veterans will appear on two dance floors.

The world-class star Liquid Ross from the United Kingdom, founder of Green Tree records Foose, Edessey from Latvia (one of the strongest psy actors in his country) and well-known Lithuanian artists Sunflower and Hypnalogic, will appear on the PsY Trance scene.

Techno, dub – techno music scene will feature a special evening guest from Romania, who has already been able to travel world-class festivals – Mara Lefay, Lithuanian techno scene heavyweight Grad U, well-known Giriu dvasios, Dovilė Butnoriūtė, hidden in the nickname of “Woman“, and Spitzin who has lots of surprises in his shows.

Visitors of the event will be invited to try painting on the body with ultraviolet light shades and will have the opportunity to show their artistic talents with the same technique on black canvas. An extraordinary evening will be filled up with special effects surprises.

Transcendental Spirit is an event not only for techno, psycho-trance music fans, but for anyone who wants to dive into the forgotten synthesis of art.

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March 9t 22:00 club “Legendos”. Tickets available: