Tango argentino I March 8th

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“Tango Argentino”

They say that spring is the best time to fall in love. When everything around is tinged with romance, it’s hard to not give in to your feelings. Production Company “Arts Libera International” wishes to invite all who seek spiritual renewal, warmth and positive emotions to „Tango Argentino“, an explosive spectacle sure to set your soul aflame.

Authentic and sincere, the fiery dance of love and passion arrives to Lithuania from the very homeland of tango, Argentina. The charismatic masters of tango – dancers Brigita and Carlos Rodriguez, guitar virtuoso Artūras Chalikovas and violinist Deimantė Merkevičiūte – winners of international competitions and participants in countless festivals, will be appearing on the Lithuanian stage together for the first time. Compositions of the world-famous composers Astor Piazzolla, Jose Padula, Juan Carlos Cobian, Francisco Canaro, Carlos Gardel and Mariano Mores will envelop the stage in the spirit of tango.

„Tango isn‘t just dance steps or their combinations. Tango is an expression of the culture it was born to, going back to its very origins. Tango can express the whole spectrum of feeling and emotions – from deep, reticent pain and sorrow, to wholehearted joy and loving.“ – is how the master of traditional „vivid“ tango Carlos Rodrigues, fromBuenos Aires, describes his art.

This spectacle of true Argentinian tango is dedicated to all admirers of music and dance. Renowned artists, having performed to countless people across the world, would like to invite all of you to witness a truly magical performance!


“Tango Argentino” concert:

TELŠIAI March 8th 18h. Tickets available at www.bilietai.lt