„Tango Argentino“ I March 14 – April 12th

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It is said that the upcoming spring is the most wonderful time to fall in love. When romance is around, it is hard not to give in to feelings. For all those looking for warmth, soul refreshment and positive emotions, Tango Argentino is an impressive, soul and body event by Arts Libera International.

Authentic and sincere music and love and passion dance to Lithuania come directly from tango’s own homeland, Argentina. For the first time in Lithuanian concert performances, charismatic tango masters – singer, composer and dancer Eduardo Gimenez, accordion virtuoso Nerijus Bakula, and winners of many international competitions and festivals – dancers Brigita and Carlos Rodriguez will perform together. Talented musicians have created an exceptional artistic and extraordinarily romantic artistic program that elegantly incorporates a pair of sensual dancers. Sounds like tang king Astor Piazzolla and famous composer Jose Padula, Juan Carlos Cobian, Francisco Canaro, Carlos Gardel, Mariano Mores and others. melodies, the magic of the Argentinean tango will spread on stage.

Born in Uruguay, Eduardo Gimenez is a great traditional and popular Argentinean musician with unique voice timbre and artistry. His contribution to popularizing tango art in our country is truly huge. The artist is constantly involved in various international projects, revealing the charm and traditions of the fascinating tango.

The winner of international competitions, accordion virtuoso Nerijus Bakula, belongs to the category of musicians who have a significant influence on the internationalization of tango art. In the performance of N. Baku, music ranges from the Argentine Piazzolla tango to the intoxicating French musette passages. It should be mentioned that the artist has mastered the improvisational art and his accordion is subjected to various musical styles.

“Tango is not just a step or a combination of tango – an expression of the culture in which it lives since childhood. In this dance, you can express the rainbow of senses and feelings – from deep sore pain and suffering to full love and joy. dance.
All of this will be seen in the magical performance of a true Argentine tango for you, dear viewers. Recognized artists whose performances attract full concert halls are waiting for a meeting with fans of Lithuanian tango art.

You can buy tickets here: https://www.tiketa.lt/LT/tango_argentino_20569