Sandra Carrillo & Los Gringos 15 November – 19 December

Projects: Past

15 November in St. Catherines church, Vilnius. 

19 November in Kaunas state philharmonic. 


Is a journey to meet a completely different culture. Our story is the synthesis of Spanish and Latin American music. We perform various melodies of the Caribbean that take you to the most fun, warm and sunny part of the world and give you the opportunity to close your eyes and feel a light breeze under the palm trees. After a concert tour in Cuba Sandra became fascinated with the rythms of this country and started searching for new forms of expression by combining the Spanish and Latin American styles.

Salsa, cha-cha-cha, merengue, cumbia, bolero, afro-cuban rumba, bossa nova and samba rythms can be found in our concert program. The energy of Sandra Carillo will allow you to feel the passionate magic of salsa, it’s freshness and joy, and it’s character will inspire you to move and dance throughout the whole performance. The group is made up from seven professional and experienced musicians, who themselves are fascinated by this inspiring  and joyful music and who deeply wish to share it with their audiences.