ONLY RETRO july 29 United Kingdom

Projects: Past

Creative dance company “Alytaus Miestelenai” was established in 2008. The core of the ensemble is comprised of 16 dancers, most of them in their silver years. Troupe’s repertoire introduces audiences to waltz, polka, tango, foxtrot, songs and dances most popular in Kaunas, the temporary capital of Lithuania between 1930 and 1940. While Vilnius was under Polish ocupation, Kaunas during those 20 years transformed from a provincial outpost into a modern city. Almost entire high society of Lithuania moved to “temporary capital” Kaunas; trendy music and dance moves of that time was brought by Lithuanian diplomats from Paris, Berlin, Vienna and other European capitals.

Now under the leadership and vision of companies’ Artistic Directors, music, choreography, together with costumes of that time (designer Jolanda Imbrasiene) is back on the stage. In order to more accurately recreate the spirit of the interwar Lithuania, “Alytaus Miestelenai” on multiple occasions partnered with early jazz band – “Alytaus Dixieland” (Director- Dainius Platukis). Many famous Lithuanian pop singers also agreed and participated in this project.

Group’s repertoire consists of stylized retro dancing- the creative work and original compositions of two chorographers- Janina Ezerskiene and Vidmantas Ezerskis. Carefully adapted to interwar period’s clothing fashion, accessories, music, choreography and beautiful dance performance continues captivating audiences.

The show “Only Retro” performed by creative dance studio “Alytaus Miestelenai” invites you to experience vintage dance, music and spectacle delighting Lithuanian and foreign viewers. It is the only dance group in Lithuania that has risen from oblivion to breathing life the fun of retro dance and music that once thrilled, amused, titillated, charmed Lithuania’s high society, lords and ladies along with common folk.