MOVO I september 15th Kaunas, september 20th Vilnius

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The group MOVO can be courageously called one of the most interesting and promising rock groups in Lithuania. Charismatic musicians, fun vocals, lush instrumental sounds, topical lyrics, all of which accurately characterize this young team of artists. The band is growing rapidly, with its loyal fan circle expanding. Upon reaching out to the musicians, they realize that these are the guys who are determined to constantly create, improve and go forward.

MOVO is a combination of garage and blues rock, distinguished by Lithuanian texts and peculiarities, with their characteristic guitar sounds. The band started its first concert in 2011. At the end of the year and half a year later, the young performers in the “Garage” competition shone brightly. They were followed by appearances at the music festivals of many neighboring countries. A year after the MOVO was evaluated and nominated for the Alternative Music Awards “T.E.T.E. 2012” as the best rock band. After the successful launch, the debut album “My Love” was released.

At the end of the 2016, the MOVO released the second album “The Mountains”. Group was nominated for the annual awards of the Music Association “M.A.M.A.” in the “Best Rock Band” category in 2016.

Concert dates:

KAUNAS september 15th. club „Combo“

VILNIUS september 20th. club „Tamsta“

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