Midnight in Paris I March 8th – May 16th

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The charming and sensual Frenchman Clotilde Solange presents a unique musical journey called Midnight in Paris. The most prominent French music periods reflected in the world famous song program, will bring the listener to a romantic spring in Paris, and during it will not only hear your favorite performers, but will also be pleasantly surprised to discover the unknown musical gems of this country.

Listening to Midnight in Paris, you will travel to Paris in the 1950s and meet Edith Piaf, remember the golden age of French cinema and hear the most beautiful songs and musicals, as well as enjoy the romantic and passionate songs of the 1980’s.

The surprise of the concert is the excellent Lithuanian actress and singer Clotilde Solange Rigaud. Born in the city of Montpellier in southern France, and grown up in historic Blois, Clotilde Solange currently lives and works in Vilnius. She pours her energy and inspiration, performs sensual songs and roles in films (one of them is nominated for the Silver Crane Award), participates in social projects, and also creates memorable musical programs.

“I want to acquaint the Lithuanian audience with the extremely expensive and emotional songs of French performers that sound here very rarely,” says Clotilde. even a few characters – here we will find the sensual Esmerald from the Cathedral of Paris, the temperamental Edith Piaf, the charming Jeanne Moreau and the mysterious Mademoiselle.

The concert will be composed by a professional pianist Lukas Gedvilas. The winner of international competitions in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and Lithuania has already been awarded twice by the President of Lithuania for the promotion of our country’s name abroad. Lukas Gedvilas actively performs as a soloist and participates in various musical projects and festivals as well as plays in various ensembles.

We invite you to spend an exclusive evening with the sensual and romantic music of the love country of France and enjoy the magic of the most beautiful songs.

Concert dates:
March 8th Marijampoles Drama Theater
March 21st Siauliai Polyphony Hall
March 28th Vilnius, Museum of Applied Arts and Design
April 5th Anyksciai Arts Incubator
April 24th Seduva Culture and Crafts Center
May 16th Panevėžys, Musical Theater

Tickets: TIKETA and TicketMarket (Šiauliai).