La Elite del Tango I Soon

Authentic and sincere music and dance of love and passion arrive in Lithuania directly from the very homeland of tango – Argentina. Characteristic tango masters – singer, composer and dancer Eduardo Gimenez, Tango’s Ambassador in Lithuania called the “4 Tango” ensemble and winners of many international competitions and festivals – dancers Brigita and Carlos Rodriguez will appear in Lithuanian concert scene. Famous musicians prepared an exceptional beauty and an extremely romantic artistic program that elegantly incorporated a pair of sensual dancers.

Singer, composer and dancer Eduardo Gimenez, born in Uruguay, is a great performer of traditional and popular Argentinean music, with a unique voice tone.

The winner of international competitions, and the most significant tango performing ensemble “4Tango” (Kristina Zebrauskaite – accordion, Birute Bagdoniene – alto, Feliksas Zakrevskis – piano, Donatas Bagurskas – double bass) belong to this category of musicians who are looking for new forms of expression and receive intense ovations for their emotional music, virtuoso technique and complete self-giving on stage.

“Tango is not just the steps or their combinations, tango is the expression of the culture in which it lives from childhood. In this dance, you can express all the rainbow of feelings – from deep pain and suffering to total love and joy.” – The passionate tango dance is described by Carlos Rodriguez, tango dancer from Buenos Aires who, along with Brigita Rodriguez, completes the scene with enchanting dance.

For all those looking for warmth, soul rejuvenation and positive emotions, “Arts Libera International” presents a spectacular “La Elite del Tango” featuring souls and bodies.