International Checkers Tournament “Vilnius – 2015”

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It is time for great minds and professionals to compete! Enthusiasts of intellectual sports will gather together on 5-6th of December in Vilnius and will compete in the International Checkers Tournament „Vilnius – 2015“. This tournament is organized by the production company „Ars Liberal International“ and Republican sports and culture association „Maccabi Baltic“.
This tournament will be held at the Vilnius Teachers House Courtyard where checkers professionals from various countries will compete. This year acclaimed players of 100 squares checkers, champions and prize winners of various international tournaments from such countries as The Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Israel and Lithuania. World champion of multiple international checkers tournaments, Zoja Golubeva, from Latvia and the representative of Lithuania, international grand master and world champion among seniors, Edvard Buzinskij, will appear in this tournament as well. This tournament is a big event in Lithuania, which will certainly contribute to the promotion of a very acclaimed and popular game of checkers. We are happy that so many well-known and internationally appreciated players come to Lithuania each year. They not only compete but also communicate, exchange their experiences and techniques. Therefore this event is an excellent way to spend your freetime as it provides memorable matches and great atmosphere.

The vice president of European Checkers Federation, Rima Danilevičienė, will be honored at this tournament.

Two busy days are waiting for the spectators and participants of this tournament. After the strategic moves and demonstration of new techniques best and most deserving players will be rewarded with great prizes given by generous sponsors of the tournament – company „Andumpark“ and „Anra investicija“.
During the award ceremony the participants of this tournament will not only be honored but will be able to admire great art program. The organizers of the tournament, „Ars Libera International“ and „Macabi Baltic“ will arrange an extraodrinary performance – the participants will be greeted by a well-known Lithuanian singer, Marija Krupoves. This means that these two days at Vilnius Teachers House Courtyard will be full of tension, excitement, good music and great atmosphere.
The tourmanent will start on 5th of December, at 3PM, at Vilnius Teachers House Courtyard, Vilniaus g. 39