In your window – the street of dreams I November 26 th Vilnius

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In the long autumn evenings, when dark outside the window, our often lonely souls are especially fond of love, warmth and human communication.

Two artists of exceptional sensitivity and talent – actress Ilona Balsyte and guitar virtuoso Martynas Kuliavas invites to a theatrical concert, which will make it possible to meet live artists and their characters. Listeners will also be able to enjoy great music, forgetting everyday worries and recognizing themselves in the characters.

It’s a story about a lonely person – a musician who lives in his closed world, and the boiling life of the window invaders him with all emotions, problems, love and anger, sorrow and joy.

Ilona Balsytė is an actress who, while singing in the theater, felt the joy of life so much needed. Martynas Kuliavas is a guitar virtuoso who has found the composer’s talent to make the music world close and open to everyone. In this concert, we will see a number of new and completely unexpected characters created by the actress and you will hear well-known Martin songs, guitar compositions and new creative experiments.

We invite you to spend a special evening together with well-known artists and feel the magical effects of art on our hearts.

Concert Date:
November 26 th 18:00 at the Keistuoliai theater in Vilnius

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