Guitar masters Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo (Denmark) I May 24th Vilnius, May 25th Birštonas, May 27th Palanga

Projects: Past

Arts Libera International invited famous Danish guitar virtuosos ensemble Gantriis-guitar duo Zimmermann to Lithuania. They will present new and intriguing artistic program. Two charismatic musicians Kristian Gantriis and Volkmar Zimmermann met in 2001. When Gantriis joined the famous Danish Corona Guitar Quartet, which together with like-minded Zimmermann founded in 1995. It was a long and deep musical friendship beginning, but over the years the creative links only strengthened. The pair immediately realized that they have an identical musical heartbeat and did everything to make this gift sophisticated and sublimated.

Excellent musicians and top guitarists, they feel each other very well on stage, so their musicianship always raises the audience’s admiration and satisfaction. In whose hands the guitar sounds like a small orchestra, and the extraordinary talents of performers reveals all the possibilities of the guitar and beauty. Not for nothing that they are welcome in the international scene.

Lithuanian audience already had the opportunity to hear this talented duo of musicians in 2014, when they appeared with great success in the international art festival “Northern Lights”. Guitarist’s concert program will feature music from around the world, from the golden classics to Spanish, Latin and contemporary compositions.

Concert dates:

May 24th 19h Vilnius, concert hall ORGANUM (J.Basanavičiaus str. 26)
May 25th 19h Birštonas Kurhauz
May 27th 19h Palanga cultural center RAMYBE