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“Guitar Fiesta 2016” will unify guitar masters and music lovers

Longing for the enchanting ring of the guitar and wonderful music? This year, the guitars will resound with previously-unheard flight and passion.

On the 18th of May, at 7 PM in Saint Catherine’s church, we’ll see and hear all the colors of the guitar as the annual, long-awaited festival “Guitar Fiesta 2016” will take place there.

We will witness many artists of various styles and genres appearing on the stage, all united by their love for the guitar. Each year, “Guitar Fiesta” is joined by more and more musicians, capable of surprising even the most selective listeners and attracting more and more fans and music lovers.

“First and foremost, “Guitar Fiesta” is an event that honors the guitar and those who admire it. It allows the instrument, in hands of the most talented artists, to shine with the most wonderful of colors” says Gintaras Kamsiukas, chairman of the “Ars Libera International” production company. “This year, in “Guitar Fiesta”, we will witness true masters of the guitar, that have prepared an impressive, honest, spring-scented program and are all-too-eager to present it to you.

“Following the annual “Guitar Fiesta” tradition, the opening act of the event will be the performance of the young talent Augustas Poškus. The international contest winner will warm the public with variations from the opera “The Magic Flute”. Enchanted listeners will then hear the performance of “Vilnius Guitar Trio”. This year, Artūras Chalikovas, Andžej Zujevič and Juozas Martinkėnas will appear with an exciting program. Then, the stage will be taken by a “Guitar Fiesta” veteran Virgilijus Jutas, a man whose style cannot be easily bound by definitions. The fiesta will then be continued by Kazimieras Likša, a man whose recently started solo career has already attracted a many loyal fans. “Vilnius Guitar Duet” will also play in this year’s event. Although no strangers to performing in the same events, musicians Tatjana Vaitkienė and Algimantas Pauliukevičius will appear on the stage as a duet for the first time ever in this year’s “Guitar Fiesta”. The event also features the well-known masters of the guitar, “Martynas Kuliavas and Alex Ten duo”. Two guitars, in the hands of two virtuosos will create a special atmosphere and enrapture us with the most wonderful of musical colors. Following that, Martynas Kliukavas shall remain on the stage to perform in a duet with the queen of blues, Arina Borunova. Last but not least, Goda Gabalytė’s and Paulius Kinderis’ duet, “Right Wing” will also play for us, delighting us with refreshing rock compositions.

The evening will then conclude with a special performance by all of the musicians at once. Brought to us by the greatest of musicians, it will be our special gifts to all of the guitar lovers out there.

Come and see the maelstrom of the guitar!

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