From Bach to country! September 21 Vilnius

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 „From Bach to Country“

All those longing for good emotions and passionate performance, are invited to an exceptional musical fiesta. The renowned music professionals from Norway – accordionist Håvard Svendsrud, Oslo philharmonic’s alto singer Povilas Syrrist-Gelgota, as well as Lithuania‘s folk singer Veronika Povilionienė will perform together for the Lithuanian crowd, taking you on a magical journey of music.

These charismatic artists do not allow themselves to be restrained by anything, merrily improvising and adapting various musical styles with unparalleled excellence. A passionate, romantic and nostalgic swirl of compositions from Argentina, Lithuania, France, Romany, Norway, Germany and the United States awaits you. You will experience the golden classics, fiery tango, nostalgic waltz, bright and emotional music by the famous Norwegian composer Kjell Marcussen, Lithuanian and Norwegian folk song interpretations, playful country and melancholy spirituals.

Arts Libera International extends a wholehearted invitation to this one of a kind event, full of surprises and good emotions. The concert will take place at Saint Catherine‘s Church, on Wednesday, August 21st, 7:00 PM.

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