Masonic music evening I January 20th Vilnius

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From time immemorial the freemasons from all over the world unite a broad variety of prominent people as kings, presidents, scientists, creators, as well as simply a good will population focused on development of the society, seeking for the Light.

The Fraternal Freemasons Brotherhood is fighting for and serving the overall population of universally accepted human interests, freedom, tolerance and compassion.

The principals of freemasonry have inspired a number of very prominent and well known music composers, who have dedicated their works for this fraternal organization.

This year we are commemorating – 300 years of the establishment of the United Grand Lodge of England. This event is international in scope by the nature of its purpose, commemoration and invited guests. The event will present musical compositions of the ages as inspired by masonic ideas that emphasize the importance and necessity of spiritual development, chivalry, sacrifice in favor of the nation and the welfare of all mankind.

The program of the concert will consist of:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – the String quartet no. 3, G-dur,

Audris Grybauskas – the Quintet for the String quartet and Flute (dedicated to the outstanding Masonic event – 300-year Jubileum from the creation of the English United Grand Lodge);

Joseph Haydn – String quartet no. 3 D-dur,

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Flute Quartet – Strings trio with the Flute, D-dur.

The performers: the String Quartet “Vilnius Arch”:

I-st violin – Diemantė Merkevičiūtė, II-nd violin – Ieva Daugirdaitė, Alto – Monika Kiknadzė, Cello – Elena Daunytė, Flute – Viktorija Zabrodaitė, Actress – Alina Ramanauskienė.

Concert date:

January 20th 18h Vilnius Town Hall. Tickets available: