Spanish flamenco theater “AMORODIO” first time in Lithuania! Vilnius, Kaunas, Alytus, Vilkaviškis

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Passionate energy and dance mix is soon to banish all the winter frost in Lithuania. It is the first time that this professional flamenco troupe „Amorodio“ from the heart of flamenco – Spain comes to Lithuania. These passionate Spanish dancers will invite you to an extraordinary show that will be held in Vilnius, Kaunas, Alytus and Vilkaviškis.
Flamenco art in Lithuania is known not only in the theaters, but also in concert halls. Flamenco artists‘ performances is an exclusive expression of emotions that combines music, motion and sense. Flamenco was born out of passion, emotion and unfettered freedom. Its relation – Andalusia, where the Spanish flamenco troupe „Amorodio“ perceived the art of flamenco. First time in Lithuania guests from the motherland of flamenco comes to introduce the exceptional flamenco traditions to Lithuanians.
Talented artists from the homeland of flamenco, Spain, invite the spectators to experience it themselves and become a part of a magical journey through the streets of Andalusia. Passionate flamenco virtuosos are coming to Lithuania after their successful tour in Argentina. Enchanting art of flamenco is full of passion and emotions – love, hatred, passion, madness, uncertainty, devotion, life and death, all of this is close to us, it intertwines and changes. Hot-blooded flamenco artists “Amorodio” present the deepest and most passionate emotions which are evoked by various stories and memories.
Lithuanians have always welcomed Flamenco in a very kind and energetic way. Maybe this kind of open expression of feelings is not very familiar to us, but this might be the reason why Lithuanians admire the energy of Flamenco so much. All artists of “Amorodio” are sensitive, passionate and very talented. They are constantly touring in various parts of the world and now we have a rare and wonderful opportunity to see them perform in Lithuania. We are glad that the team of professionals that came from the homeland of flamenco agreed to share their experience and talent with us – says the head of the company “Ars Libera International”, which organizes “Amorodio” shows in Lithuania, and producer, Gintaras Kamsiukas.
Flamenco choreographer and dancer Jazmin Centeno for many years has studied with such flamenco stars like Farruquito, Antonio Canales, Andres Marin, Eva Yerbabuena, Joaquin Grilo, Juana Amaya, Pastora Galvan, Ursula Lopez, Rafael Campallo. She leads dance seminars in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Germany and other countries. In Spain this well-known artist dances in „Theater Quintero“ and „Auditorio Municipal Rafael de Leon“ theater. She has created a memorable performance in “Bailando a Camaron“ with Jose Galvan and Rosa Belmonte. Now Jazmin is an active dancer, constantly creating and performing in new shows, regularly dancing in tablaos (flamenco bars) and theaters.

„Amorodio” theater artists :
Jazmin Centeno – dance, choreography
El Mase – guitar , music
Anna Colom – vocals
Papu Gigena – percussion

Don‘t miss a chance to experience an unique and authentic flamenco performance in Lithuania. This show will definitely melt winter frost and even ignite the frozen hearts!

Performances will be held:
March 2 – Kaunas, Renginių Oazė (Baltų pr. 16)
March 3 – Vilnius, Legendos klubas (Kalvarijų g. 85)
March 4 – Alytus, city’s theater (Rotušės a. 2)
March 5 – Vilkaviškis, city’s cultural center (Vytauto g. 28)

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