Flamenco festival “Siento Flamenco” I VILNIUS

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SEPTEMBER 24th – VILNIUS, Musical theater New York

The locals and city quests will once again have an opportunity to enjoy flamenco festival “Siento Flamenco”, held on 24th of September in musical theater New York, Vilnius. During the evening, guests will enjoy exclusive melodies, and a passionate harmony of dance and music.

Flamenco is an emotional expression combining dance, music and song. Having originated in Spain, the art of flamenco has conquered the hearts of people all over the world, Lithuania not excluded. Every year the number of flamenco lovers increases and so does the number of performers. This allows us to invite you to an even bigger, more developed and colorful flamenco festival this year. Our performers – guitar players, singers, dancers – will elate the ears of our listeners with a variety of different flamenco styles. This will let you know this passionate art closer and maybe even make you a lifelong fan.
The participants of this years “Siento Flamenco” festival are going to surprise their listeners with new, original pieces, improvisations, musical experiments and other surprises. Such a passionate evening is, without a doubt, going to enchant the public and make them forget the autumnal chill awaiting outside.
Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this passionate evening with “Siento Flamenco”. Not only will you be entertained by first class artists, but you will also have an opportunity to be the first one to hear from “Vilnius Guitar Trio” an ensemble created specifically for this event.

Participants: “Vilnius Guitar Trio” (Artūras Chalikovas, Gintaras Šulinskas, Andžej Zujevič), „Šou Marina de flamenco“, guitarist Marius Zableckas, guitar duo Martynas Kuliavas and Aleksandras Tenas, flamenco club “Tientos”, Sandra Muningytė (La Sandra) and flamenco dance studio FLAMENKO.LT, flamenco dance studio “Flamenko akademija”, “Vilnius Guitar Trio” and Sandra Muningytė (La Sandra) ensemble, Liucija Puidokaitė and a band, Šarūnas Šimelionis and ensemble, flamenco dance studio “Solea”, Aušrinė Vyšniauskaitė.