Children‘s checkers tournament „Vilnius city – many nationalities, one family“ 2016 03 15

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March 15, 3 PM Vilnius sport‘s school “Tauras”, “Ars Libera International“ association and “Maccabi Baltic“ organises children‘s checkers tournament “Vilnius city – many nationalities, one family“ which has already become a tradition in Vilnius. This tournament has a few important accents – it is dedicated to the restoration of Lithaunia‘s independence and also it emphasizes the multiethnic society in Lithaunia, since Jewish, Russian, Polish and Belarussian schools representatives will participate in this tournament. Vilnius is a international city, but it can be proud of the fact that there exists a great friendship between these different nations. The goal of the tournament: to popularize the sport of checkers, to develop thinking, teamwork, the sense of initiative, tolerance to other nations, the joy of communicating.
This is truly an important event in Vilnius, since there will be 8 teams involved in the tournament. World Youth International checkers champions Anri Plaksijir Artur Tunkėvič will arrive to congratulate and support the players. It is clear that this game is very popular and develops thinking and self-development, it is no suprise that Lithuania have several world and European champions and prizewinners.
The Chief Judge of the tournament, promoting this game for already forty-six years – Grigory Leibovič.

Thanks to generuos „Anra investicija“ and „Andupark“ everyone in the tournament will be rewarded with prizes. We believe that this annual tournament contributes to the checkers popularity in Lithuania, and the current participants will promote Lithuania internationally.