ARINA and Martynas Kuliavas at the concert “The Royal Duo” 04 14 KAUNAS, 04 15 VILNIUS

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Have you missed the good, sincere music and a stage without limits? Then welcome to the royal palace to which you are invited by the queen of blues Arina Borunova and guitar‘s maestro Martynas Kuliavas who have prepared an astonishing and charismatic performance on the occasion of Cultural Day. Despite that these great artists are perfectly familiar to audience in Lithuania, however, their new and full of inspiration program will astonish all with its sincerity, positive energy, and profound feelings. Production company “Ars Libera International“ invites you not to miss the concerts, in which these two exclusive personalities will connect and give luxury and real art to their audience. Alongside Arina and Martynas we will see their friends, great artists – keyboardist Rolandas Kažimėkas, and percussionist Artūras Juršė.
This means that we will celebrate the Cultural day with a bang. Magical and luxurious Arina‘s vocal will shine bright alongside Martynas‘ extraordinary guitar skills. Masterful, phenomenal energy and professional performance – it is musicians‘ gift for all of you which they will deliver to you from the stage. Self-composed Arina‘s and Martynas‘ songs, blues, ballads, rock classics, and more will be presented to you April 14th and 15th in Kaunas and Vilnius.
Who can predict what to expect when the Queen of the blues whose voice makes you to close your eyes and immerse yourself in sensual journey appears on the stage? Who can know how will the evening end when the restless source of good energy from the south Martynas Kuliavas will accompany this unique vocal?
“Listeners will hear talented, high-quality, sensual, interesting, mature music that they deserve. In the course of the evening they’ll be rewarded with songs from one of our best album “Fragments”, as well as new songs created by Martynas when he was in Malta. I have no doubt that a group of professional musicians will be warmly welcomed on the stage and appreciated by the public we love”- Arina rises the intrigue about upcoming performances.
Two titled representatives of music, two artists loyal to their listeners, two people that shine with magic and positivity. By uniting forces they promise and extraordinary and melodic evening in which Arina and Martynas and their teammates Rolandas and Artūras will perform songs by well-known artists like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Sindey Lauper, Annie Lennox, Nikka Costa and RayCharles, but they will offer even newer and more colorful sounds to the public. Artists promise a luxurious performance in which the magic of music has no boundaries.

The royal mood of the evening will be supported by:
Arina Borunova – vocal
Martynas Kuliavas – guitar
Rolandas Kažimėkas – keyboard
Artūras Juršė – percussion

Performances will be held:
April 14th KAUNAS, at the music club „Renginių Oazė“ (Baltų pr. 16)
April 15th VILNIUS, at the music theater Legendos klubas“ (Kalvarijų g. 85)
Event organizers invite you not to miss this extraordinary performance and get the thickets beforehand.

Tickets available at BILIETAI.LT:

For more information please contact, +370 60557881