Vincenzo Cipriani

Vincenzo Cipriani is Italian Pianist, composer, organist, arranger and Teacher at “E.R. Duni” Music Conservatory of Matera (Italy). He is the founder and director of the Ensemble Eclectic Inside project (string orchestra, piano, vocalist, sax and rhythm section). The compositions of Vincenzo Cipriani are mostly characterized by a descriptive language as well as composing style that is the result of a contamination of different music genres and forms like jazz, classic, modal, minimal and pop. The result is a particular kind of language that is able to involve a wider and heterogeneous audience.

He collaborated with the Chamber Orchestra of the Theatre Klaipeda, Choir Polifonija and Resurrexit Festival of Siauliai, the Christopher Summer Festival of Vilnius and with the artist Vaida Genyte and Jonas Sakalauskas. Vincenzo played his compositions in piano solo, with orchestra or jazz trio, in many international tours in Asia, Egypt, Brasil, Germany, France, Belgium, El Salvador, Turkey and Romania.