Tango Argentino

Authentic dance full of sincere love is coming directly from the Argentine tango homeland. On stage together appears charismatic tango masters of international competitions and festivals laureates – dancers Bridget and Carlos Rodriguez, singer/guitarist/dancer Eduardo Gimenez and accordionist Nerijus Bakula. At the sound of the world-famous composer Astor Piazzolla, Jose Padula, Juan Carlos Cobian, Francisco Canaro, Carlos Gardel, Mariano Mores tunes on stage, they spread Argentinean tango spirit.

“Tango is not just a step, or combinations, tango – it’s the culture’s expression in which he lives from childhood. In this dance you can express all the sensations and feelings of a rainbow – from modest deep pain and suffering to a comprehensive love and joy. “- The traditional tango master Carlos Rodriguez from Buenos Aires describes passionate tango dance.

Artists offer a magical real Argentinean tango spectacle that will attract all culture lovers to hot evening full of emotions.