Jazz Brothers

Healing, perhaps even magical music. You can probably describe jazz that way. The famous Lithuanian professional jazz artist collective “Jazz Brothers” will present you with just such music. The ensemble has many years of experience in various musical spheres, combining it into one unique, exceptional form of art, lovely to the trained ear and a soul longing for true art.

The “Jazz Brothers” quintet’s special, fusion style resembling music won’t leave anyone unmoved. It’s a light, catchy, playful and temperamental style, greatly appreciated by listeners and infusing one’s heart with romance for many days to come. Not to mention the jazz artists themselves, enrapturing the public with the depth of their improvisations.

The quintet was formed in 2001, by the famous guitarist and composer Artūras Chalikovas. Since then, the collective has been delighting listeners in Lithuania and abroad with their wonderful music. Throughout 14 years of performing in many jazz festivals in Lithuania and abroad, the “Jazz Brothers” have acquired vast experience and invited many famous jazz brothers to their ranks.

The latest “Jazz Brothers” program is exceptionally colorful and streaked with pure artistic mastery. Currently, together with Arūras Chalikovas, for the ensemble plays Rimas Brazaitis (saxophone), Arvydas Joffe (percussion), Raimundas Dauginas (keyboards) and Ugnius Butkus (bass).