Gantriis-Zimmermann guitar duo

Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo was formed after Volkmar Zimmerman and Kristian Gantriis had played together for years in The Corona Guitar Kvartet. In the quartet they had developed a whole new repertoire for guitar quartets, and gained quite a reputation and recognition within the classical music environment, as well as with a wider audience. Thus, it seemed a very natural step to make use of this close musical kinship in a guitar duo.

The concert hall is filled with music which flows from the quiet and fragile to the powerful and masculine. From the melodic to improvisatory minimalism framed by traditional Danish Folk Songs, Kora music from Mali, Spanish impressionism, Argentinian Tango and modern guitar music from Denmark, Canada and other countries. Volkmar Zimmermann and Kristian Gantriis have both together as well as on their own performed extensively in Europe, Russia, the United States and the US, Canada, Russia, Denmark and the rest of Europe. The have published several CD’s and they have also performed on national TV.