Domo Emigrantes

The band was founded in 2009 to promote passionate folklore of the South Italy enriched with ethnic elements, original arrangements and many instruments from all over the world – Kurdish saz, ethnic flutes, percussions, accordion, bouzouki, violin and cello.

Domo Emigrantes has been performing in many theatres, clubs, squares, Festivals in Italy and abroad (USA, Turkey, Russia and many European countries, including concerts at the prestigious Amsterdam Concertgebouw in 2018), achieving resounding success, due to emotional appeal of their music, that involves all kinds of spectators and seduces all folk music lovers.

At the very beginning of their career, the band was recognized for their original music, desire to perform and professional skills. The fans of art, music critics and representatives from media compliment the band for their emotional music and positive attitude. In 2016 the band won the most important Italian World Music awards – Folkest and Andrea Parodi Award. Domo Emigrantes – six positive, creative, energetic men: Stefano Torre – band leader, vocal and guitarist, percussionists – Filippo Renna and Ashti Abdo. Accordionist – Lello La Porta, violin – Andrea Dall’Olio and cello – Gabriele Montanari.