Alex Ten and Martynas Kuliavas’ guitar duo

Both musicians are very similar in their virtuosity, but each one has their own specific performance manner that works perfectly together. Their differences in performing let the listener believe not only in their capability of playing together but it also shows a truly manly, authentic bond between their musical styles. While playing together the artists can improvise, be witty and surprise each other without any restrictions.

Martynas played with one of the brightest Lithuania‘s rock bands „Rebelheart“, was performing  with Gytis Paskevicius, Arina who has been crowned as the queen of the  blues, bands like  „Naktines personos“, „SKAMP“, „Pelenai“, an actor Vidas Petkevicius, Ieva Prudnikovaite, the orchestra of st. Christopher and etc. Right now he is participating in various musical projects as a guitarist and an arranger. The artist is producing his own and other artists’ music.

Alex Ten has been playing the guitar since he was only 6 years old and he is one of the best musicians in Lithuania at this moment. Alex Ten is a versatile type of musician, that’s why he has played with other famous Lithuanian artists: Gytis Paskevičius, Andrius Kaniava, Marijonas Mikutavicius, Ieva Prudnikovaite, Gintaras Sulinskas, Ricardas Banys, Mantas Jankavicius and others.