Ian Maksin

Russian-born Chicago-based cellist and composer Ian Maksin has gained international recognition for his beautiful tone, his own unique innovative style of playing the instrument and for taking the cello well outside its conventional role. As a soloist, he gives more than two hundred public performances annually in North and South America, Europe and Asia. His recently released album of original music for solo cello titled “Soul Companion” has received great acclaim from critics and audiences around the globe alike.

Apart from being highly regarded as a classical artist, Maksin collaborates with other artists in a variety of musical genres: jazz, blues, flamenco, rock, R&B and world music, blending many styles together using cello as the common denominator. He can often be heard and seen in collaborative projects with artists from different corners of the globe: Morocco, Cuba, Serbia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Spain, Mexico, Japan, just to name a few. As a guest artist, he has performed and recorded with such artists as Andrea Bocelli, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Gloria Estefan and Barry Gibb. He has also opened performances for Sting and his guitarist Dominic Miller. Read more ianmaksin.com

Golden Classics and Musical Songs

“Golden Classics and Musical Songs” is a sensual, romantic, vibrant and full of positive energy music performed by top class musicians – the sensual and romantic voice singer Vaida Genyte and violin virtuoso Zbignev Levickis. This concert tour is the desire of famous artists to reveal the voice and violin love on the stage and the expression of their sincere loyalty to the audience, which is constantly felt during concerts.

Concerts by Zbignevas Levickis and Vaida Genyte are greeted with real sea of ​​sincere emotions. Virtuoso Zbignevas  and enchanting Vaida’s vocals, in agreement with the sensual Laurynas Lankutyte piano sound, blend into a powerful and seamless musical energy that delivers the audience from the very first sounds.

Famous composers A. Vivaldi, C. Orfo, A. Piazolla, M. Ravel, A. L. Veber, A. Mozart, I. Kalman, I. Monty and others. The golden songs and melodies of the composer are sounding new, unexpected and compelling as they have never been on the stage of Lithuania. Listeners also will have the opportunity to hear the world premiere “Maestro” written by Zbignevas Levickis.

Amber Quartet

Have you heard how amber sounds? “Amber quartet” – recently united Lithuanian amber string quartet. It’s the only one in the world to crawl specially made amber instruments. “Amber quartet” art director – violin virtuoso Vytautas Mikeliunas. He teamed up to experiment with a fearless team: the second violin – Tadas Desukas, the alto – Dovile Juozapaitiene, cellist – Vaidas Tamosiunas.

During the concert, four professional musicians will release millions of years of natural work and strings will sound completely new. The event for music lovers and gourmets promises unforgettable improvisations, a set of arranged works specially made for amber instruments and a collection of sophisticated musical sounds. Concert program: Chick Corea, Joe Zavinula, Richard Galliano, George Gershwin, and others author’s works arranged for amber instruments.

Lithuanian trombone project & Loreta Sungailiene

The founder and initiator of „Lithuanian trombone project & Loreta Sungailiene“ is the composer of many songs and trombone virtuoso Vytautas Pilibavicius. His improvisations and great work are known in the whole Europe. His colleagues – classical music and jazz artists, the great artists of Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and winners of various international competitions. They are Remigijus Gumuliauskas, Paulius Batvinis, Tomas Karka ir Audrius Stasiulis. Multi-instrumentalist – Robertas Vilcinskas who is the master of percussion in the project.

Loreta Sungailiene – ethnomusicologist and the host of many TV shows, singer known as explorer of folk songs and various folk projects participant („Folksokas“, „Sutartines party“, „ZAP.4 elementai“ etc.). She loves creative challenges offered by music professionals. This project is very special for her because she contributed to the development of this project.

The program of the project includes Lithuanian folk songs about family, work, war. Different regions of Lithuania reveal sensitive poetry, interesting melodies, modern jazz harmony and authentic style which merge with music interpretations.

„Lithuanian trombone project & Loreta Sungailiene“ – another modern look to folklore and also the new page in Lithuanian trombone music history.

Domo Emigrantes

The band was founded in 2009 to promote passionate folklore of the South Italy enriched with ethnic elements, original arrangements and many instruments from all over the world – Kurdish saz, ethnic flutes, percussions, accordion, bouzouki, violin and cello.

Domo Emigrantes has been performing in many theatres, clubs, squares, Festivals in Italy and abroad (USA, Turkey, Russia and many European countries, including concerts at the prestigious Amsterdam Concertgebouw in 2018), achieving resounding success, due to emotional appeal of their music, that involves all kinds of spectators and seduces all folk music lovers.

At the very beginning of their career, the band was recognized for their original music, desire to perform and professional skills. The fans of art, music critics and representatives from media compliment the band for their emotional music and positive attitude. In 2016 the band won the most important Italian World Music awards – Folkest and Andrea Parodi Award. Domo Emigrantes – six positive, creative, energetic men: Stefano Torre – band leader, vocal and guitarist, percussionists – Filippo Renna and Ashti Abdo. Accordionist – Lello La Porta, violin – Andrea Dall’Olio and cello – Gabriele Montanari.

Vincenzo Cipriani

Vincenzo Cipriani is Italian Pianist, composer, organist, arranger and Teacher at “E.R. Duni” Music Conservatory of Matera (Italy). He is the founder and director of the Ensemble Eclectic Inside project (string orchestra, piano, vocalist, sax and rhythm section). The compositions of Vincenzo Cipriani are mostly characterized by a descriptive language as well as composing style that is the result of a contamination of different music genres and forms like jazz, classic, modal, minimal and pop. The result is a particular kind of language that is able to involve a wider and heterogeneous audience.

He collaborated with the Chamber Orchestra of the Theatre Klaipeda, Choir Polifonija and Resurrexit Festival of Siauliai, the Christopher Summer Festival of Vilnius and with the artist Vaida Genyte and Jonas Sakalauskas. Vincenzo played his compositions in piano solo, with orchestra or jazz trio, in many international tours in Asia, Egypt, Brasil, Germany, France, Belgium, El Salvador, Turkey and Romania.

Michael Levy: composer & performer of the lyre of antiquity

Michael Levy is a multi-talented musician & prolific composer, who since 2006, has focused his unique skills, at both intensively researching & recreating the ancient playing-techniques of the lyres of antiquity. Basing these techniques from both illustrations of ancient lyre players and the various playing-techniques still practiced today in Africa, he has independently produced almost 30 albums of his mostly original evocations of ancient lyre music since 2008.

In 2013, Michael’s contribution to attempting to recreate the music of antiquity received academic recognition and was featured in an article published in the summer 2013 edition of “The American Harp Journal”. The paper, by Diana Rowan, was entitled “The Universal Lyre: Three Perspectives“.

Since 2014, Michael has also been closely collaborating with Luthieros; the specialist replica lyre makers in Thessaloníki, Greece, in their inspirational “Lyre 2.0 Project” – dedicated to reintroducing the beautiful lyres of antiquity back into the hands of every modern musician, a project now featured as a new entry in the world-renowned “Ancient History Encyclopaedia”.


Alex Ten and Martynas Kuliavas’ guitar duet

Both musicians are very similar in their virtuosity, but each one has their own specific performance manner that works perfectly together. Their differences in performing let the listener believe not only in their capability of playing together but it also shows a truly manly, authentic bond between their musical styles. While playing together the artists can improvise, be witty and surprise each other without any restrictions.

Martynas played with one of the brightest Lithuania‘s rock bands „Rebelheart“, was performing  with Gytis Paskevicius, Arina who has been crowned as the queen of the  blues, bands like  „Naktines personos“, „SKAMP“, „Pelenai“, an actor Vidas Petkevicius, Ieva Prudnikovaite, the orchestra of st. Christopher and etc. Right now he is participating in various musical projects as a guitarist and an arranger. The artist is producing his own and other artists’ music.

Alex Ten has been playing the guitar since he was only 6 years old and he is one of the best musicians in Lithuania at this moment. Alex Ten is a versatile type of musician, that’s why he has played with other famous Lithuanian artists: Gytis Paskevičius, Andrius Kaniava, Marijonas Mikutavicius, Ieva Prudnikovaite, Gintaras Sulinskas, Ricardas Banys, Mantas Jankavicius and others.

Vilnius Guitar Trio

It’s an exceptional artistic program, presenting a wide array of guitar’s possibilities. Uniting their mastery, power and creative talent, guitar virtuosos Artūras Chalikovas, Gintaras Sulinskas and Andzej Zujevic will perform for you in the greatest of venues. Three artistic souls, three experiences and three guitars.

Having prepared an impressive concert program, the famous guitarists invite listeners to exceptional evenings in “Vilnius Guitar Trio” company. For their guests, the artists have prepared an elaborate musical menu, with works by famous composers, like Astor Piazzolla, Tommy Emmanuel, Paco de Lucia, Al di Meola, J. S. Bacho, V. A. Mocarto, Gipsy Kings, Chick Korea, Charlie Parker, The Beatles, Benny Goodman, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and Bob Marley. Besides compositions by these famous musicians, the virtuosos will delight listeners with their own original work as well. The ensemble’s creative program is very wide and colorful, combining romantic fusion, golden classics, dreamy jazz, passionate flamenco and melodic rock. The artists’ performance is laden with virtuoso improvisations and creative power, all of which is meant for the wide range of guitar music enthusiasts.

Vilnius Guitar Trio 1 Vilnius Guitar Trio 2

Jazz brothers2Jazz brothers3

Jazz Brothers

Healing, perhaps even magical music. You can probably describe jazz that way. The famous Lithuanian professional jazz artist collective “Jazz Brothers” will present you with just such music. The ensemble has many years of experience in various musical spheres, combining it into one unique, exceptional form of art, lovely to the trained ear and a soul longing for true art.

The “Jazz Brothers” quintet’s special, fusion style resembling music won’t leave anyone unmoved. It’s a light, catchy, playful and temperamental style, greatly appreciated by listeners and infusing one’s heart with romance for many days to come. Not to mention the jazz artists themselves, enrapturing the public with the depth of their improvisations.

The quintet was formed in 2001, by the famous guitarist and composer Artūras Chalikovas. Since then, the collective has been delighting listeners in Lithuania and abroad with their wonderful music. Throughout 14 years of performing in many jazz festivals in Lithuania and abroad, the “Jazz Brothers” have acquired vast experience and invited many famous jazz brothers to their ranks.

The latest “Jazz Brothers” program is exceptionally colorful and streaked with pure artistic mastery. Currently, together with Arūras Chalikovas, for the ensemble plays Rimas Brazaitis (saxophone), Arvydas Joffe (percussion), Raimundas Dauginas (keyboards) and Ugnius Butkus (bass).

Tango Argentino

Authentic dance full of sincere love is coming directly from the Argentine tango homeland. On stage together appears charizmatic tango masters of international competitions and festivals laureates – dancers Bridget and Carlos Rodriguez, guitar virtuoso Artūras Chalikovas and violinist Diemante Merkevičiūtė. At the sound of the world-famous composer Astor Piazzolla, Jose Padula, Juan Carlos Cobian, Francisco Canaro, Carlos Gardel, Mariano Mores tunes on stage, they spread Argentinean tango spirit.

“Tango is not just a step, or combinations, tango – it’s the culture’s expression in which he lives from childhood. In this dance you can express all the sensations and feelings of a rainbow – from modest deep pain and suffering to a comprehensive love and joy. “- The traditional tango master Carlos Rodriguez from Buenos Aires describes passionate tango dance.

Artists offer a magical real Argentinean tango spectacle that will attract allculture lovers to hot evening full of emotions.




Gantriis-Zimmermann guitar duo

Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo was formed after Volkmar Zimmerman and Kristian Gantriis had played together for years in The Corona Guitar Kvartet. In the quartet they had developed a whole new repertoire for guitar quartets, and gained quite a reputation and recognition within the classical music environment, as well as with a wider audience. Thus, it seemed a very natural step to make use of this close musical kinship in a guitar duo.

The concert hall is filled with music which flows from the quiet and fragile to the powerful and masculine. From the melodic to improvisatory minimalism framed by traditional Danish Folk Songs, Kora music from Mali, Spanish impressionism, Argentinian Tango and modern guitar music from Denmark, Canada and other countries. Volkmar Zimmermann and Kristian Gantriis have both together as well as on their own performed extensively in Europe, Russia, the United States and Canada.in the US, Canada, Russia, Denmark and the rest of Europe. The have published several CD’s and they have also performed on national TV.

Justina Auskelyte

Lithuanian violinist of young generation Justina Auskelyte is admired by audiences for her unique musical sensibility, great imagination, and high responsibility as a performer, playing music with virtuosity and communicating emotion through sound to her audiences. Holding awards from more than a dozen competitions, Justina has been invited to give concerts at major music festivals in Lithuania. She often collaborates with symphonic and chamber orchestras, including Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra or St. Christopher chamber orchestra, as well as distinguished chamber ensembles, including Musica Humana and Ciurlionis Quartet. In February 2016 along with an Italian pianist Cesare Pezzi she recorded for Naxos record company. Their CD with complete original works for violin and piano by Balys Dvarionas should be released in upcoming year.

In May 2016 during festival Wiener Festwochen 2016 Justina gave her debut concert at Musikverein in Vienna, performing H. K. Gruber’s 2nd Violin concerto “Nebelsteinmusik” with composer conducting himself. Currently, the violinist is back in her hometown Vilnius, performing in her country and abroad as a soloist and a chamber music player, participating in music festivals and innovative art projects as well as making her first steps in violin teaching.

smuikasJustina Auškelytė