“Arts Libera International” is reliable promotion company focused on the maximum result. Our team – professional, creative and motivated project managers who have experience in organizing business and international events in the cultural, artistic, educational and social spheres. The whole team is actively working on the implementation of various international projects in Lithuania and abroad.

We have offices in Great Britain, the United States, Italy, Spain, Canada, Poland, Israel, Germany, Russia, Australia, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.


Our company’s main activity is promotion of international festivals, cultural days and art projects. Most of our projects are annual, continuous and performed internationally.

Our events have a unique artistic value and quality, because we cooperate with a variety of genres and styles artists from all around the world. Our projects promote international exchange of artists, presenting a unique and professional artists contribute to the cultural development of society. Organizing events aim to increase access to culture for all social groups, to deliver exceptional programs and to educate the public and artistic taste.


Our work takes a special place for talented and creative Lithuanian and foreign artist management. We actively collaborate with professionals of different genres and styles of artists around the world, helping them to meet with the live audience and fully reveal their creative potential. We organize the concerts, with the possibility to appear at international festivals, care about their reputation and comprehensive development.


In cooperation with well-known Lithuanian and foreign performers, we can create an intriguing and contemporary event of high artistic value that will attract even the most demanding customer. We have a very large database of performers, so we can offer the artists you want for your exclusive event. We work with many unique spaces of Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities, suitable for concerts, conferences, meetings, so we will arrange your event in the atmosphere you demand. We also provide all the necessary equipment for the event – sound, lighting, projectors and managers. In addition, we prepare event programs that are accurately matched to our customers, taking into account their unique needs and desires, and the events are held confidently and according to the plan.